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Welcome, prospective members! Thanks for your interest in joining the Wichita Falls Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Open auditions are typically held in January, May, and August. All successful auditions guarantee your chair for the remainder of the current school year.

Our next audition will be held at The Forum, 2120 Speedway in January for the 2021 spring season. Audition music will be posted one month prior to the audition date.

Step one: fill out the audition form by clicking here

The YSO encourages all students to apply regardless of gender, school, ethnicity or socioeconomic status. You will be contacted with details and a specific audition time.

Step two: if you require financial aid, fill out the form by clicking here

You will be contacted with the decision on your financial aid. This application remains confidential to the administrators and will not impact your audition in any way.

Step three: review the COVID innovations in place to safeguard student health (link coming soon).

Step four: practice like heck and show up ready to shine. Scales remain posted year round (because who doesn’t need a little more scale work?) and audition excerpts specific to your orchestra and instrument are available one month prior to audition date.

Philharmonic Orchestra

Students are eligible to audition for the Philharmonic Orchestra if they are no younger than 3rd grade and have a teacher recommendation with their application. Students in 6th grade or older do not need a recommendation.

This is a strings only group. Please note any fingering, position and/or bow markings. You will be asked to play the etudes and scales, and you may be asked to sight-read.

Symphonic Orchestra

The Symphonic Orchestra will receive applications for students in 6th grade or older.

Members in 11th and 12th grade are also eligible to audition for the Apprenticeship program. Seniors may apply for the Gail Key scholarship.

You will be asked to play the etudes and scales and to sight read. Strings, please note any fingering, position, and/or bow markings.

  • Percussion etude
  • Brass scales
  • French horn etude
  • Saxophone etude
  • Trumpet etude
  • Trombone/Baritone etude
  • Tuba/Bass Trombone etude


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