Audition Requirements

Welcome, prospective musicians!

Thanks for your interest in joining the Wichita Falls Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Congratulations to the 71 students who auditioned in May 2018 for the upcoming season.  Makeup auditions will be held in August.

The process is simple.  First, you’ll download and submit an audition application.  You can do that right here!

Application for new students

Application for returning students

After you submit the application, we’ll send you an email confirming your specific audition time on the audition dates.  Make sure you’ve checked carefully under the orchestra you wish to audition for to know the correct dates.  If you are unable to attend on that day, you will need to send in a video of yourself playing the audition music BEFORE the audition deadline.  Feel free to contact Jean Hall at the YSO office if you have questions at all or don’t see your specific instrument.  The office number is 940-723-6202 and the email is

Our next audition date is August 26, 2018 for students wishing to join the YSO for the 2018-19.  New music is always posted one month prior to an audition date.  The music will be new each time.  Links will be posted here on this page. If you wish to audition but cannot be present at this time, contact the office for special instruction

Applications must be received in the office no later than Aug 22, 2018 in order to receive an audition time.

Be sure also that you look at the requirements for scales.  Some of them have changed from previous years.

There is an $150 member fee to be paid at the beginning of the fall rehearsals for students. 2 payment plan also available. Ask about financial assistance, if needed.



Philharmonic Orchestra 

Students are eligible to audition for the Philharmonic Orchestra (PO) if they are no younger than 3rd grade and have a teacher recommendation with their application. Students in 6th grade or older do not need a teacher recommendation.


Strings – Please note any fingering, position and/or bow markings. Prepare scales, as well.

Required Contrasting Etudes by instrument

Bass – Philharmonic Audition
Violin – Philharmonic Audition
Viola – Philharmonic Audition
Cello – Philharmonic Audition

Violin –   Scales
Viola –   Scales
Cello –   Scales
Bass –   Scales


Symphonic Orchestra


The Symphonic Orchestra will receive applications for students in 6th grade or older in the 2018-19 school year.

Strings – Please note any fingering, position and/or bow markings. Prepare scales, as well.

Required Contrasting Etudes by instrument

Violin Audition
Viola Audition
Cello Audition
Bass Audition


Percussion – in addition to the required etudes, you may be asked to sight read.
Percussion Audition

Winds & Brass – in addition to the required etudes, you will be asked to play scales.

Required Contrasting Etudes by instrument-you will need to print some of these on a dark setting!

Clarinet Audition

Bass Clarinet Audition

Flute Audition

Oboe Audition

Bassoon Audition

Saxophone Audition

Trumpet Audition

French Horn Audition

Trombone-Baritone Audition

Tuba-Bass Trombone Audition


Woodwinds Scales

Brass Scales